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How It Works

Never Any Bots, No Confusing setup, Get a real Social Media manager!

We Target Only the Audience That You Want

Growing your Instagram® account with engaged relevant traffic means new people seeing and learning about your brand that are interested all the time. We build your target audience only by targeting specific hashtags, followers and other popular accounts in your space.

Now Grab Their Attention

With your audience understood and targeted by our social media account manager the work begins. Your personal social media expert begins working with your preferred audience, liking their photos, leaving comments and following strategic account. All the promotion we perform within your account will be up to date with Instagram’s® terms of service as best we can to avoid any possible terms of service infractions.

Traffic To Your Profile

The magic happens when our social media mangers start interacting with your target audience. Because of the strategic persistence of our team you will see an increase in traffic to your Instagram® profile and photos. Remember that unlike other services we provide you with a real life Social Media Manager to focus on your account and evolve the strategy over time to ensure your traffic keeps growing.

Grow Your Audience

With a solid growth plan in place and your personal social media manager working hard in the background to grow your account your account will start growing naturally. The work isn’t over yet! Our team continues to work with you to post quality content to maximize your success.

About Us

After years of trying to build up social media audiences on my web properties I began to wonder why some companies had thousands of followers while most Instagram® accounts seemed to struggle to just get a few followers or likes. We discovered that the accounts with large amounts of followers automated the whole Instagram® process! What a great solution!

But soon after learning this secret we found out that these bots that were used to generate traffic caused accounts to become suspended. Also, because bots were being used to share content your account ended up liking embarrassing, unrelated pictures. There had to be a better way.

That’s when we created guaranteedfollowers.com. It uses some of the same principles the bots use but is customized and the work is done by a human. A real professional social media manager makes the difference. A person can make decisions based on your content and goals a bot can’t. Our service is one of a kind. No other site guarantees to provide followers that are related to your niche.

WARNING: Our competitors are using BOTS. They Call the followers real followers but they are not. If you buy followers from cheap services you are guaranteed to get your account shut down in time. Over 6 Bots have been shut down by Instagram recently and accounts related to those Bots were all terminated for terms and conditions violations. Don’t be a victim, use a real service like Guaranteed Followers.

If a service is offering you 10,000 followers instantly you better start to worry about losing your account due to bot use. Even if they tell you it isn’t a bot, it is. It takes 100’s of hours to generate 10,000 real followers. Our social media managers working full time can deliver at most 3000 followers in a month!

Did we mention
our results are guaranteed?

If we do not meet the results we promised, we will refund your last months fees.

Some Of Our Clients











Personal Instagram Accounts

$1999One Time Charge
  • 350 New Targeted Followers
  • Shared Social Media Manager
  • Consistent Engagement
  • Online Support
  • Delivered in 1 day
  • Guaranteed Results
  • Targeted Audience

Business Instagram Accounts

$6999One Time Charge
  • 1,500 New Targeted Followers
  • Personal Social Media Manager
  • Building Brand
  • Online Support
  • Delivered Over 1 week
  • Guaranteed Results
  • Targeted Audience

Business X2 Instagram Accounts

$14999One Time Charge
  • 2,500 New Targeted Followers
  • Personal Social Media Manager
  • Building Brand x2
  • Online Support
  • Delivered Over 2 weeks
  • Guaranteed Results
  • Targeted Audience

After trying a couple Instagram follower services that didn't deliver real targeted followers I found Guaranteedfollowers.com. I'm so glad I did. I've got over 10K in real active followers now! Cheers.

Wow I’ve got 10,000 followers active!

Robbie Sanders
"When I first launched my company Instagram account I just couldn't figure out a strategy to grow my followers. I didn't want fake followers like many of the other follower companies provide. I was so happy when I was introduced to my personal social media manager. He was my contact point and took care of my account and any issues I had right away. Great job!"

This is how to really grow your Instagram Following

Zack Pernell
"After joining Guaranteedfollowers.com I was extremely happy at how simple the setup process was. Even more I loved how fast my Instagram account grew with real active followers. I would recommend this service to anyone."

I grew my Instagram account by 5000 Followers.

Carl Lehey
"I've tried a few of the other Instagram follower sites and had various issues with them from service to bad content following. I gave Guaranteedfollowers.com a try and couldn't be happier. We had an initial phone meeting because I was worried about having issues again. To my surprise every part of the process was professional. I've grown my account significantly since starting up."

It Really Works!

Clark Pobre

Do you need a customized plan for massive growth, or do you have multiple accounts who could benefit from the service? We also work with agencies to provide bulk services. Please contact us for details and our team will follow up within 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The “Trial” plan is typically used by businesses with an established audience who simply want to engage with other users, and want to be sure we can provide quality growth to their account before committing to a larger growth plan. This plan comes with  250 targeted followers but doesn’t include our guarantee. The “Take Off” plan is specifically geared towards those businesses and individuals who want more followers. With this plan, we guarantee the number of followers and we use different strategies such as “follow/unfollow”. Our explode plan provides you with massive growth of quality targeted followers and as well is 100% guaranteed.

To answer this question, we need to look at the goals of your Instagram account. If you are trying to engage an audience that you already have and just want to have your outreach outsourced by one of our professional social medial marketers we would recommend the “Trial” Plan. If you are looking to grow your Instagram® account with related followers that are targeted to your audience then our “take off or explode” packages  would be ideal for you. If you are somewhere in between or want more followers, reach out to us at support@guaranteedfollowers.com and we can make a custom plan for you.

That’s an easy answer. We provide you with a real Social Media Manager who you can talk too. They will create a plan based on the information you provide and will then complete the work required to gain your targeted followers. We never use bots which puts your Instagram® account at risk of being terminated. Most other follower companies that advertise followers for $4 to $10 dollars are a scam.

New followers are created when we interact with your target audience. We “like” and “comment” on photos to encourage them to follow your account. Additionally, some accounts are followed and then unfollowed over time. Our social media specialist will interact with thousands of accounts and photos and some of those contacts will become your followers. Our social media experts that will run your account for you know all the ins and outs of growing your account.

Since our growth plans utilize social media specialists and not bots we are able to target specific content that is directly related to your account. When starting a campaign with guaranteedfollowers.com we will ask you to send us a list of hashtags that are related to your account, also a list of accounts you aspire to be like and if there are any specific location requirements to your followers. We target only the users who meet those requirements you have requested. This means that all the contacts we make should be interested in your content and your account.  This will drive your engagement up with interested followers.

Growing your Instagram account relies on more than having a professional social media expert dedicated to your account, it requires quality content to get people interested in your account. We haven’t had any issues thus far delivering results to all our customers but if we believe you don’t have enough or the right content to be successful we won’t take on your account. No wasted money!

Yes, in order to get you more followers we need to interact with them from your account. Rest assured we will not share your password with anybody who is not on our team and we take the protection of your account extremely seriously. Once you are complete with our services you can change your password for extra security!

To grow your followers, we must interact from within your account. Your privacy is our priority. Your password is shared only with your personal social media specialist that is assigned to your account. No one else will ever have access. We take the protection of your account extremely seriously. Once you have completed with our services you can always change your password for extra security.

We have never had an account locked or suspended to date. Since we don’t use Bots to interact with your account and we are using a live person there should never be an issue. We go out of our way to stay up to date with Instagram’s® Terms of Service. There is always a chance it could happen.

No, of course not! We don’t lock you in ever unlike other “follower” companies. Depending on your plan you are signing up for guaranteed engagement or follower growth per month and we will automatically bill you on your monthly anniversary date for the plan you have chosen.

You can cancel at any time and we will not charge you the next month.

We absolutely hate companies who make it difficult to get a refund so we want to make it as easy as possible. If you’re not happy with the service and you’ve given us a chance to make you happy or correct any issues we will provide a full refund of your current month’s charges.

Feel free to email us at support@guaranteedfollowers.com and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.



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